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Jun. 14, 2024
1. Raw material: the raw material is good or bad is the key to the oil yield, the factors affecting the oil crop can be divided into: the quality of oil, variety, fullness, dryness and humidity. Obviously crop full, variety of good, dry and humidity suitable for the crop oil yield is optimal, can achieve a higher percentage of oil yield.
2. Oil press equipment: the key point is that the raw materials for the selection of equipment, that is to say, peanut crops on the choice of peanut oil press equipment (preferred screw press), sesame crops on the choice of sesame oil press equipment (recommended hydraulic press), etc., while the selection of equipment need to pay attention to: the working pressure of the equipment, equipment, dregs and the residual oil rate of dry cake. Analysis: the higher the working pressure of the oil press equipment, the higher the oil yield, the lower the slag content, the higher the oil yield, the lower the residual oil rate, the higher the oil yield.
3. Oil extraction process: raw materials determine the process.
Oil Press Making Machine
Models MK60 MK1685 MK1688 MK120 MK50
Power Main engine 2.0 kw 3kw 3.5 kw 4kw
Vacuum pump 4x-3kw 6x-5.5kw 6x-7.5kw 6x-11kw 6x-30kw
Heater 2.0kw 3kw 3.5kw 4kw 5kw
capacity 40-50kg/h 80-160kg/h 150-260kg/h 260-400kg/h 450-550kg/h
Whole weight 270kg 550kg 760kg 915kg 1550kg
Outside dimension 1350*950*1170mm 1700*1300*1600mm 2000*1350*1750mm 2050*1400*1800mm 2450*1980*1770mm

Can cleanliness and maintenance also improve the oil yield? That is of course, the cleanliness of the oil is not enough, such as sand, impurities into the chamber will have an impact, as the saying goes: it is not the huge body that makes you tired but a grain of sand in your shoes. So try to keep the crop clean, which not only improves the oil yield but also improves the quality of oil. Spiral shaft or the mouth of the cake is not smooth, affecting the feed, cake, can be sanded with a grinding wheel, can also be mixed into the cake of grain husks and other materials with a large friction coefficient, add the appropriate amount of water, start the machine and then slowly feed the press, will be the mouth of the cake polished. Some small details are inconspicuous, but it is these problems that we can not see affect the problem of the oil yield that we want. Therefore, the oil press should be carefully examined before use, the lubricating oil on the place should be on the oil, so as not only to improve the rate of oil can also increase the life of the machine, reduce the frequency of replacement of parts, but also for you to save the cost of what not to do? And the oil press should be cleaned up after use, in the next use can be more good.
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