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Peanut Oil Processing Plant

Groundnut oil press process: Groundnut-Cleaning sieve-Destoner-Magnetic separator- shelling&kernel separator-flaking-cooking-pressing-Pressed oil&Cake
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We can provide 10-100T/D groundnut oil process production line, Extraction and refining equipment. Factory price, Worldwide sales.

Groundnut oil press process
Groundnut-Cleaning sieve-Destoner-Magnetic separator- shelling&kernel separator-flaking-cooking-pressing-Pressed oil&Cake

Groundnut oil solvent extraction process
Pressed groundnut cake solvent extraction: Solvent extraction(extractor)-Desolventization(DTDC)-Miscella oil evaporation(Evaporator&stripper)-Solvent condensation recovery(Condenser)

Groundnut oil refining process
Degumming--Hydration degumming,remove the phospholipid in the oil;
Deacidification-Use chemical or physical methods to remove free fatty acid,keep the oil quality stable;
Decolorization--Add white clay, remove the deep pigment in the oil,make the oil bright; 
Deodorization-Heat up the oil with high temperature and vacuum, remove the bad odor from the oil, keep the oil flavor pure and good smell;


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