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Palm oil refinery plant in Nigeria

Mar. 08, 2023
Solvent extraction oil VS pressing oil, how do you choose?
Cooking oil is a daily necessity, and many consumers are often torn between buying pressing oil or solvent extraction oil. So, what's the difference?
According to the different oil process, edible oil can be divided into pressing oil and solvent extraction oil. Pressing oil is a traditional craft product, which is often shaped as "safe", "healthy" and "high grade". As a new technological product of modern food industry, solvent extraction oil is often belittled as "unhealthy" and "unsafe".

Is that true? Come to learn the following questions about pressing oil and solvent extraction oil:

After eating pressing oil for hundreds of years, why should the "solvent extraction" process be introduced?

"Pressing" is the extrusion of oil from oil seeds by mechanical forces. The oil yield of the pressing method is low, and a considerable amount of oil still remains in the pressed residue.

If the solvent extraction method is used, the oil content in the residue can be reduced to less than one percent, greatly improving the oil yield and reducing waste. Compared with "pressing" process, "solvent extraction” process can be done for a very large scale project.

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