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Seed Roasting Machine

This Roasting machine suitable for roasting all kinds of dried fruits and nuts, such as chestnuts, peanuts, melon seeds, pine seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, rapeseeds, coffee beans, dates, sesame seeds, walnuts, all kinds of beans, wheat, rice, etc.
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Working Principle

The multi-functional roaster machine is a roaster machine transformed from an ordinary roaster machine. The multi-functional roaster machine adopts a horizontal drum structure. The drum is evenly heated and has a heat preservation function. Stir fry in all directions, front and back, without sticking to the pan.

It is made of stainless steel and steel frying press roll, with stable mechanical properties, fully enclosed belt drive, reasonable layout, low power consumption, high efficiency, safety and sanitation. This machine is easy to operate, mixes evenly, and rotates normally in the forward direction. Roasted seeds and nuts, rotate in the opposite direction to release the fried chestnuts and sand, and the fried chestnuts and fried seeds are automatically separated when they come out, which is very convenient, and the fried seeds and nuts are both beautiful and delicious. The main advantages are as follows:
1. The drum is evenly heated and has the function of heat preservation, with high thermal efficiency and good energy saving (money saving) effect.
2. When chestnuts are fried in a semi-closed drum, the water evaporates less, and less or no sugar water can be added during the frying process. Because the relative temperature in the drum is sealed, the temperature is high and the humidity is high, the effect of braising is particularly good. The frying time is short, cooked quickly, thoroughly, and evenly, which can increase the yield of fried chestnuts by 1.2-2 percentage points, increase profits, and improve economic benefits.
3. The drum is constantly rotating, so that the chestnuts are stir-fried in all directions up, down, left, right, front, back, and front. There is no need for manual assistance to turn and there will be no sticking phenomenon. The color of the chestnuts is golden red and bright, and the aroma is tangy.
4. It is convenient to enter and exit the pot. Press the up and down forward switch to enter the pot for frying, and press the reverse switch to automatically go out of the country to sieve and separate. It is fast, easy, effortless, clean and hygienic.

Scope of Application

Suitable for all roasted seeds and nuts, raw material processing of health products, raw material processing of nutrition office, raw material processing of traditional Chinese medicine store, condiment and spice processing, fried coffee beans, fried chestnuts, fried peanuts, fried melon seeds, fried walnuts, fried sesame seeds, fried beans, fried rice , Fried hazelnuts, fried pine nuts, fried pistachios and other dried fruit foods.
The specific scope of application is as follows:
a. Snack food industry: melon seeds, peanuts, cashews, almonds, chestnuts, walnuts...
b. Oil industry: sesame, rapeseed, soybean...
c. Tea industry: finishing and drying
d. Pharmaceutical industry: traditional Chinese medicine planing
e. Seasoning industry: pepper, pepper, anise, cumin...
f. Chemical industry: drying and heating chemical raw materials
g. Tobacco processing industry: roasting and roasting
h. Feed processing industry: roasting and frying of raw materials
i. Miscellaneous grain processing industry: corn, sorghum, rice, barley, wheat...

Product Parameter:
Model Power(kw) Type Capacity(kg/h) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg) Material
50 14kw Electric 50 1400*830*1300 100 Carbon steel and stainless steel
    / Coal wood
    / Gas
100 0.75kw+19kw Electric 100 1800*950*1300 260 Carbon steel and stainless steel
    / Coal wood
    / Gas
200 1.5kw+26kw Electric 200 2200*1200*1500 420 Carbon steel and stainless steel
    / Coal wood
    / Gas
300 3kw+33kw Electric 300 2400*1300*1600 510 Carbon steel and stainless steel
    / Coal wood
    / Gas
400 3kw+33kw Electric 400 2600*1350*1650 580 Carbon steel and stainless steel
    / Coal wood
    / Gas
500 3kw+45kw Electric 500 2900*1400*1700 680 Carbon steel and stainless steel
    / Coal wood
    / Gas
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