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Explanation of use and maintenance of oil press equipment
Explanation of use and maintenance of oil press equipment
Technology process
1. Before use, you must read the instruction manual carefully and be familiar with the performance characteristics and operation methods of this machine.

2. Before starting the machine, a comprehensive inspection must be carried out, the fasteners must not be loose, the handle rotation is flexible, turn the pulley by hand, the running parts should be normal, there should be no abnormal sound, and then fill 30# oil in the reducer.

3. Loosen the lock nut, turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise, (adjust the handle counterclockwise, the cake gap becomes narrower, adjust the handle clockwise, the cake gap becomes wider) so that the cone of the squeeze screw against the cone of the cake circle, and then turn the adjusting screw clockwise (3-5 turns), then tighten the nut, ready to start the machine.

4. Connect the machine to three-phase four-wire power supply, after the power is connected, the spindle should be rotated counterclockwise, regardless of any situation, the machine must have a good grounding device, otherwise it cannot be turned on.

5. Adjust the temperature control instrument (2) to the required temperature of 120 ℃ -180 ℃ (depending on the oil) to open the heating switch to the host heating position, the machine heating temperature, then the temperature control instrument on the green light on, red light off, when the machine temperature to the set temperature, and the red light on green light off, the machine temperature is automatically controlled and maintained at the set temperature, the winter temperature is low In winter, when the temperature is low, the heating switch is turned on to all the heating positions of the main machine, so that the temperature of the oil pan rises and it is easy for the oil to stay.

6. Press the main motor button, (the host switch on the positive position) the host began to run, the direction of rotation should be counterclockwise rotation.

7. After the installation of the new oil press for 4-8 hours to grind, the method is to use the dried oil cake material from the hopper slowly feed, repeatedly back to squeeze, so that the squeezing chamber polished, remember to start grinding squeeze do not pour the material directly into the hopper, and hand grasp feeding is appropriate to prevent the squeezing screw shaft jammed. If the material is fed too hard, there is an abnormal sound in the press chamber or the screw shaft is stuck, stop immediately to eliminate the obstruction, or reassemble and start grinding again, forbid forcing the trailer.

8. Normal oil extraction, must maintain an even feed, do not too much too little or broken material idling. At this time the machine load is normal, smooth running, rhythmic sound. Cake out smoothly, low-pressure section basically no slag, high-pressure section has a small amount of oil slag, but the proportion of slag in the oil is not more than 10%, the temperature in the squeezing chamber can reach 150-200 ℃, out of the cake mouth out of the smoke should be discharged by the smoking pipe through the shroud. Squeeze out the hot cake to spread in time, do not rush to pile or shipment, otherwise it will produce natural phenomenon. When working continuously for a long time, the machine temperature is too high, should take electric fan blowing and other cooling measures.

9. When the pressed oil flows into the top of the oil filter, press the vacuum pump button, the vacuum pump starts to run, the air inside the oil filter is pumped out, the internal pressure is formed inside the barrel of the oil filter, the oil above is naturally pumped into the oil filter, and the oil residue is isolated on top of the filter cloth, after the press is finished and the oil is pumped, open the valve on the oil filter, stop the vacuum pump running, the dry residue is formed on the filter cloth, scrape it with a scraper, and the oil filter can be The pure oil inside the bottom valve of the oil filter is released.

10. Stop the machine. Before stopping the machine, stop feeding, and then put a small amount of cake chips, to be drained of the remaining material in the chamber, the cake outlet no longer out of the cake before stopping. After stopping the machine will adjust the screw clockwise rotation out 1-3 turns, in disconnect the power.

11. Bring protective gear!

(a) every 50 hours of work should be checked for lubrication, the oil cup above the gearbox should not be short of oil, the bearings in the adjusting screw of the squeezing screw shaft should be filled with butter once a shift from the hole of the adjusting screw, dry grinding is strictly prohibited.

(2) Each lubrication part should prevent dust and other impurities from intruding, and the oil quality of the gearbox should be checked once a year, and all the oil should be replaced if deterioration is found.

(3) When the press volume is reduced, the cake or oil is not normal, the press screw shaft should be withdrawn, check the wear of the press screw, press bar, cake ring, wear parts should be replaced in a timely manner.

(4) After each shift, the machine should be cleared of residual cake, wipe clean the machine surface dust, oil and dirt.

(5) after the end of the production season when long-term storage, should be a maintenance, and will be squeezed screw, squeeze bar, cake circle disassembly and reapplication of oil, placed in a dry place.
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