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Oil Pressing Process

Oct. 13, 2023
Oil press production line is an equipment system used to extract oil from vegetable oil. The following is the production process of a common oil press production line and the machinery required:

1. Cleaning and crushing: the raw oil is cleaned and broken to remove impurities and shells. This step usually uses a washer and a crusher.

2. Cooking and steaming: the broken oil is cooked and steamed to improve the extraction rate of oil. A digester and a steamer are usually used for this step.

3. Press: The oil after cooking is fed into the press, and the oil is extruded from the oil by mechanical force. Common presses include screw presses and hydraulic presses.

4. Oil-water separation: the squeezed mixture is precipitated and centrifuged to separate vegetable oil and plant residue. An oil-water separator is usually used for this step.

5. Filtration: The pressed vegetable oil is filtered to remove plant residues and impurities. Common filtration equipment includes oil filters and filter cloths.

6. Deacidification and deodorization: Vegetable oils are treated with deacidification and deodorization to remove acid value and odor. This step usually uses a deacidizing and
deodorizing tank and a steam hot air deacidizing and deodorizing machine.

7. Refining: refining vegetable oil to improve the quality of oil products. Common refining equipment includes alkali refining tank, dewaxing tank, steam hot blast stove and so on.

8. Storage and packaging: The refined vegetable oil is stored in a storage tank and packaged. Common storage equipment includes oil storage tanks and packaging machines.
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