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palm oil making machine brings you more benefits.

May. 17, 2024
Fully automatic hydraulic oil press machine main for pressing Sesame, Peanut, Walnuts, Almond, Flaxseed, Rapeseed Etc High oil cage oilseeds.
oil press

It's Advanced for manufacturing technology, Through continuous upgrade the durable and stable more performance than
other products, can work continuously for 24 hours.
soya beans oil extraction machine

Machine Full body uses stainless steel delicate appearance, adopts automatic control system, hydraulic pressure control system and temperature control system, But you can choose whether you need these features or not.
Models MK60 MK1685 MK1688 MK120 MK50
Power Main engine 2.0 kw 3kw 3.5 kw 4kw
Vacuum pump 4x-3kw 6x-5.5kw 6x-7.5kw 6x-11kw 6x-30kw
Heater 2.0kw 3kw 3.5kw 4kw 5kw
capacity 40-50kg/h 80-160kg/h 150-260kg/h 260-400kg/h 450-550kg/h
Whole weight 270kg 550kg 760kg 915kg 1550kg
Outside dimension 1350*950*1170mm 1700*1300*1600mm 2000*1350*1750mm 2050*1400*1800mm 2450*1980*1770mm

machine Small footprint, low power, low noise, high efficiency, The machine can reach 60Mpa pressure, more
pressure can provide higher oil yield.

Pure physical pressing oil clear, more nutritious, More healthier, The pure oil after
simple filtering long-lasting fragrance.
We provide different automation degrees of hydraulic oil machine and more oilseeds process capacity choose to meet your diverse needs.
It is ideal equipment for small businesses, use to open mini oil workshops and oil factories, to start your own business.
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