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The emergence of oil presses has reduced labor costs.

May. 24, 2024
Screw Oil Press Machine is a new product developed by our company. It can press copra, rapeseed, peanuts, tea seed, soybean, sesame, sunflower and other oil seeds, the machine is equipped with micro electric control, infrared heating, filtration system, multistage press. Raw materials can directly feed into the machine by hot or cold press, and press machine with filter drum in one set, so crude oil is clean and pure after filtering, if buyer don't need refinery, it also can be directly eat and sell, it is the most ideal individual small processing oil plant.
seed oil press
Models MK60 MK1685 MK1688 MK120 MK50
Power Main engine 2.0 kw 3kw 3.5 kw 4kw
Vacuum pump 4x-3kw 6x-5.5kw 6x-7.5kw 6x-11kw 6x-30kw
Heater 2.0kw 3kw 3.5kw 4kw 5kw
capacity 40-50kg/h 80-160kg/h 150-260kg/h 260-400kg/h 450-550kg/h
Whole weight 270kg 550kg 760kg 915kg 1550kg
Outside dimension 1350*950*1170mm 1700*1300*1600mm 2000*1350*1750mm 2050*1400*1800mm 2450*1980*1770mm

Features & Advantages
1. Only two buttons that can operate easily, are suitable for those who want press oil by own or use it to start your edible oil business. 
2. The pressure Gauge will monitor the working pressure automatically to ensure operator's safety. 
3. The working table is convenient for operator to put Cotton pad, oil cake and Flat iron. 
4. We equip our machine with best Motor to offer enough power to Hydraulic Box that ensure the pressing work smoothly and the safety of operator. 
5.The Large screw fix the Top roof make the process goes safely. 
6. The voltmeter will monitor working voltage to ensure safety. 
7. Our oil line is thinner (0.36mm) that can filter residue better to improve the oil yield and the quality of oil.
8.Labor and electricity saving: The integrated screw oil press saves 60% labor for equal output, and one or two people are able to operate independently.
9.Customize requirement: we are powerful manufacture in China, and can meets your various requirements.
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