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Precautions And Maintenance Methods Of Edible Oil Refining Equipment

Mar. 08, 2023
Edible oil refining equipment use precautions

(1) The boiler and the internal pressure of the boiler shall not exceed 0.6MPa. The boiler shall be operated and maintained in strict accordance with the prescribed operating procedures to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

(2) In case of sudden power failure during cooking oil refining, the switch on the electrical control board should be closed immediately, the feed gate on each single machine should be closed, and the clearance of the rolling mill should be increased to avoid motor overload when starting.

(3) The joint of the steam pipeline should be tightly sealed and firmly connected, and there should be no steam leakage.

(4) Always check whether the material at the connection of each single machine is bridged or blocked, and whether the belt drive part is slipping, so as not to affect the work efficiency.

(5) Workshop temperature shall not be lower than 15℃.

Edible oil refining equipment maintenance method

(1) After the operation of the edible oil refining equipment, it is necessary to overhaul it every 4-6 months, replace the worn parts, and add enough lubricating oil and grease into the bearing box. Clean the dirt on the equipment, tighten the connection bolts here and there, and wipe the surface of the oil refining equipment clean.

(2) Before and after shift, lubricating parts should be filled with grease according to the equipment instructions.

(3) Check the oil temperature in each gear box frequently. If the oil temperature exceeds the prescribed range, cooling measures should be taken immediately.

(4) When the machine is shut down for more than 1 hour, all the raw materials in the equipment should be cleaned up and the water in the interlayer of the steamer should be dried.

(5) Operate in strict accordance with the operating rules, and remove the fault immediately. Don't work with hidden dangers.
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