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The Production Characteristics Of Screw Oil Press

Mar. 08, 2023
1, good efficiency "ordinary oil press processing 50 kilograms of raw materials, 13 kilowatt electric motor for 1 hour, processing soybean oil 50 kilograms of raw materials, with 3 kilowatt motor only 5 minutes of power consumption, efficiency is increased several times, save more than 90% of power.

2, value-added: general oil press raw materials rolling, by-products can only be used as animal feed, after the spiral oil machine processing, such as every hundred pounds of peanuts can be squeezed out 28-35 pounds of oil, peanuts can also be recovered and processed into high protein, low fat green food, such as processing spicy peanuts, fish skin peanuts, peanut curd, artificial meat, peanut butter, peanut brittle, peanut particles, etc. Increased the added value of the product.

3 no loss: ordinary oil press adopts spiral extrusion, producing high temperature, so that the oil nutrition declines, raw material loss of 6%, spiral oil press adopts physical pressing, no heating, no loss, adjustable oil yield, oil can be compared with well-known brands. Environmental protection: ordinary oil press, after rolling to use other raw materials clean oil, and loud noise. Direct filtration of soybean oil press, no clean oil noise, production process does not add any chemical raw materials, in line with the standard of green food.

4. Actual benefit analysis of screw oil press: Each machine processes more than 1 ton of peanut every day (10 hours), and presses more than 300 jins of peanut oil per 1,000 jins, with a total value of more than 3500 yuan. Pickled cabbage peanut 700 jin, value 2400 yuan. The purchased peanuts are about 4500 yuan per 1000kg, the gross profit of the production and processing of more than 1000kg of peanuts can reach more than 1000 yuan, and the monthly profit can reach about 30000 Yuan. If the peanut juice again deep processing, the benefit will be greater.
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