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Eight Prohibitions Of Hydraulic Oil Press

Mar. 08, 2023
Simple operation is an important feature of hydraulic oil press, but we must pay attention to and abide by some matters. If these problems are ignored, it may lead to machine failure, delayed production, and even affect the reliability of the person. Because the hydraulic oil press needs to produce a lot of pressure in the operation process, extract the required oil from the raw material and convert the pressure into more than 200 tons of weight, so it is necessary to pay attention to and observe these matters in the production process. Let's learn the eight forbidden operations of the hydraulic oil press.
1. Train operators on basic mechanical, electrical and reliable knowledge and skills, so that they can understand the circuit principle of the machine.
Before production, open the pump station box cover to check whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient (soak the whole pump station), check whether the circuit connection is normal, and ensure that the electrical system takes grounding protection measures.
3. Fireworks are not allowed near the machine.
When the machine is running, it is forbidden to open the pump station cover.
5. Do not plug the oil pipe with your hands when you find it leaking. Timely cut off the machine power supply, replace the oil pipe.
6. It is strictly prohibited to leave the machine idle for a long time before putting in the raw material. Otherwise, the plunger will be pushed out of the oil cylinder and the sealing ring and sealing system will be damaged.
7 During oil pumping, do not clean the machine before cutting off the power supply.
8. Any other operations or dangerous actions not specified in this manual are strictly prohibited.
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